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Someone didn't get the memo

Within 10 days of a Devon couple being busted for importing ayahuasca, an article appears in the Guardian's travel section touting ayahuasca retreats in the UK as the "new zany tourist thing", and another one saying that aya is not illegal.

Will you make up your minds already?!

In the UK, It is a "Class A" controlled substance under Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Maximum Penalties:
Possession (Magistrates Court) 6 months/£5,000 fine or both
Possession (Crown Court) 7 years/unlimited fine or both
Supply (Magistrates Court) 6 months/£5,000 fine or both
Supply (Crown Court) life/unlimited fine or both
Obviously these are maximum penalties and each case is different.

Granted, the Theobold article is set in the French Pyrenees, but all the French people I have met have said that aya is most definitely illegal there, and Web sources seem to back this up.
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