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12 August 1969
Non-fluffy empiricist healer type, recovering from hard neuroscience addiction. American living in UK, formerly spent time in Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Oregon, L.A. Raised as pet. Extroverted but badly socialized. Master of a small sliver of The Universe. Wants to figure out how people work in order to fix them when they go wrong. Easily amused by bad puns, good drugstores. Handy reference material; a repository of marginally useful information. Not at home in the world of objects. Primary information absorption mode is non-visual. Composed of > 99% empty space, but exists in solid, liquid, and plasma states, sometimes simultaneously. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. This side up. Danger, caustic. Should be kept in rarefied environment, as functionality is optimal there.

My basic philosophy is very simple: All we know for sure is that we’re here. We should do stuff, or else we get bored. As long as what we do to avoid boredom doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s OK; optimally what we do should make the world a little bit better. To me, evil is making others miserable or destroying things just because you can, just because they don’t agree with you, or for profit. While one’s personal history may stack the odds in various ways, when it comes down to it, we all have some control over – and therefore responsibility for - our responses to various experiences.

I think there are phenomena in the universe that cannot (yet?) be adequately explained. It may be that we just haven’t developed the instrumentation yet – nobody believed in X-rays at one time! – or they may be beyond our understanding at our current level of evolution. This does not make them less real, and we disregard them at our peril. I think that over the centuries, different cultures have conceptualized such things in their own particular ways, but what they are all describing is essentially the same, so it seems silly to get hung up on the small differences. Learning to appreciate and work with these things is essential if we are going to survive as a species, so we’d better grow out of the petty bickering and get on with it.

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